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Back to School Driving Tips

Back to School Driving Tips

With the holidays now over and all national & secondary schools back after the summer, traffic will increase at the peak morning and evening times.  Here is a list of safety tips we have compiled.

  1. Ensure all passengers are wearing safety belts, no matter how short the journey, and that all children are safely fastened in the required child/booster seats.
  2. Allow that extra 10/15 mins given the increased traffic at peak times. And don’t rush – better to be 10 minutes late than be involved in an accident or worse not arrive at all.

And to our knowledge the teachers have not yet started punishing parents for being late!

  1. Be mindful of the speed limits and take extra care in approaching roads close to the schools.
  2. When a number of family members are in the car, distractions can be plentiful. Concentrate on the road and your driving and discuss the homework or after school arrangements before you leave for school or when you arrive and are parked in a safe area.
  3. Be mindful of prescribed areas such as designated bus parking and pedestrian crossing at or near the schools.

Be aware of kids boarding buses and that they may be crossing the road to do so.

  1. For cyclists ensure they have adequate safety gear in particular hi-vis vests and lighting.

Arrive safely and best wishes to all returning to school.

(September 16).

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